Smart Home Security with Schlage

This post is sponsored by Schlage.  We were gifted a Schlage encode system in exchange for our opinion.  We are careful to align ourselves with Brands that fit our Family and Lifestyle.  All opinions are our own.

I grew up in small town B.C., Canada.  To be honest, home security was never at topic I was ever really concerned about.  I grew up in an area where front doors were often left unlocked.  I do think that I was a bit naive in my thinking though.  I’m the type of person who would rather turn a blind eye and pretend that I’m invincible.

Fast forward to adult life and I’ve learned that its always best to take precautions and ensure that our Family and Home are secure.  Now that most of our kids are teens and young adults, we’re also finding that everyone is coming and going at different times.  Hiding a key under the mat or in an inconspicuous place isn’t the ideal way to keep our home secure.

This is where the Schlage Encode system has been a complete game changer for our Family and our Home Security

Schlage Encode Features

Control and Monitor from Anywhere | This has been super handy for our busy life.  Simply download the Schlage App, connect to wifi and go through a quick set up process.  Now I can let the house cleaner or nanny into the house from anywhere with one simple tap on the screen.    I also get a notification on my phone when the door has been unlocked and locked again.  If were going to be away for the day and we need a friend to check on the pups, I can open the door from anywhere.  This is so handy!

You can even set up separate codes for different parties.  For example, we have a “Family” code, a code for our cleaner, a code for the dog walker, etc.  Super handy to know not only WHO is entering your house but when.  Its also easy to change the codes if you feel that security has been breached somehow.  From the app I can remove access and change codes.

Easy to Install |  We didn’t need to purchase an extra accessory or hub to control our lock from anywhere. With built-in WiFi, it connected directly to our home’s network just like a laptop.  Super easy and intuitive to use. My husband installed the actual unit in no time.  It was actually easier then our other exterior lock in fact.  Then, I was able to install the app on my phone and set up that feature with no issues.

Its reassuring to know that my Family will never be locked out of the house but, our house will always be secure.  If you have any questions about the Schlage Encode, please let me know:) . I’m happy to answer any questions you might have:)



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