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Its the most wonderful time of the year!  The season for generosity:)

Making our list and checking it twice, oh the joys of the Holiday season! What a joy it is as parents to spend time searching out the perfect gifts for your kiddos and then awaiting with anticipation the excitement of Christmas morning!

With that comes the tension of trying to keep it all balanced and not “over do” it.  I would say we are pretty middle of the road when it comes to the amount we buy for our kids.  It gets harder and harder the older they get as their wants and even needs become bigger ticket items.  It can also be tricky to balance gifts accordingly from one child to the next.  I may be a bit over the top with this part but I spend a lot of time and keep notes on my phone making sure that each child not only has the same number of gifts under the tree but also the same dollar value.  Fair is fair;)

Our kids know that their Christmas wish list is simply a helpful guide and there are no guarantees that they will get everything off that list.  They give multiple suggestions knowing that they might get one or all of them depending on the price tag, availability and even whether we feel they actually need that item.  I would say they typically end up with one larger gift item and a bunch of smaller inexpensive items.  Early in November I start asking for their wish list and that’s also when I start keeping my eye open for small “filler” gifts when I’m out and about.  I’m known to wrap even the smallest of items and place them under the tree.  Because I’m such a believer in quality over quantity, I might find a cute little notebook for $3.99 at Winners , pair that with a Starbucks card, wrap it all pretty and place it under the tree.  I guess for me its not just the gift itself, its the thought, the wrapping, the excitement of unwrapping, and the person knowing that you were truly thinking of them when you found that gift.

I’ve put together a gift guide with a few of the suggestions that I’ve received from my family this year along with a few of my own additions along with a few items for the mama on your list.  All my mama friends can bookmark this post for hubby to see;)

For the Dad

The dad in our house is big into fishing, loves to cook, plays the bass guitar, and is mr. handyman when it comes to jobs around the house so this list of items would be great for dads with similar interests



 For the Teenage/Young adult daughters:

This is a few of the items that are on Tianna and Shayna’s wish lists.  Note: The North face vest requested is in black.  Both of our girls love fashion, makeup, and all things girly.  


For the teenage son:

Evan is a real techy as you can tell by a few of his wish list items:) He sent me a very detailed Christmas list in a google doc with links included! 


For the Baby:

Babies don’t need a lot for Christmas but its fun to buy a few special items.  Here are a few on the list for Mila for her first Christmas.  I’d like to draw special attention to the “cuddle and kind” doll.  For every doll purchase, 10 children receive a meal.  This is an amazing company!  Please click the doll to be forwarded to their website:)

For the Mama of the house:

I’m speaking for myself now, and this mama definitely doesn’t need anything extravagant. I love being cozy at home, I love coffee, and a little self care goes a long way! Here are a few items on this mama’s list this year:)



Family Gifts:

Sometimes its fun to buy a few gifts that encourage family time.  Ideas for this could include local ski hill lift passes, movie theatre certificates, a board game, or matching pj’s:) .


Joy in Giving:

Being a blessing to others in need is a also a great way to keep your generosity at the forefront this season.  Sponsoring a family or a child local or abroad, donating to your local food bank, or buying a gift for a local Christmas toy program are just a few ways to help others that may go without this season. You can also give your time whether it be volunteering at a meal program, distributing food hampers, or simply inviting a family into your home for Christmas dinner.  Whatever it be whether big or small, your act of kindness will make a difference and more than likely bless YOU just as much as the recipient.


I always tell my family that all I really want is a home full of JOY for Christmas.  They make fun of me and say “no mom” what do you really want?  Truthfully, I really don’t NEED anything, and neither do my kids (they might argue that though;) At the end of it all, as long as you’re able to find that balance between giving generously and receiving with contentment, I think you’ve accomplished the true meaning of gift giving in this season.  


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  1. November 25, 2017 / 1:40 pm

    Some wonderful gift ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing

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